Our Story

Gornja Bukovica is a village nicely situated on the slopes of Valjevo hills, in a clean and intact nature.

This is also the homeland of the hero from our story, Zoran Milinkovic. His roots go back to distant past, as his ancestors have been living there for nine generations; more than 350 years. His father Vladislav, his grandfather Savo and great grandfather Marko grew fruit, made plum brandy and produced prunes.

When he was still a little boy, Zoran watched and learned how to make perfect rakia. And rakia is made with love and with respect for the laws of nature, chemistry and physics. But there are some secret skills too...

Zoran still remembers these childhood days when he watched rakia being made. From early morning until late at night. From the first rays of the sun and the dew on the plum fruit to the glory of fire beneath the cauldron.
The cheeks were hot from the fire flames and scents but also from the stories from the ancient times and various folk legends told by the adults. The boy drifted in the castle between the earth and the sky, danced with the fairies and forest spirits in the magic woods and admired the golden apple and nine peacocks. And that was exactly the secret element, this ancient wisdom and tradition.

Today Zoran still cherishes his orchard, his plum trees and raspberries with love; he produces the plum brandy using the old family formula, nurtures it in barrels made of oak tree and fills the bottles in his own cellar. And the blessings his ancestors handed down to him he wants to share with you.

Plum Flower